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<h3 class="popupTitle">Add a new note</h3>
<!-- The preview: -->
<div id="previewNote" class="note yellow" style="left:0;top:65px;z-index:1">
<div class="delete"></div>
<div class="body"></div>
<div class="author"></div>
<span class="data"></span>
<div id="noteData"> <!-- Holds the form -->
<form action="" method="post" class="note-form">
<label for="note-body">Texte de la note</label>
<textarea name="note-body" id="note-body" class="pr-body" cols="30" rows="6"></textarea>
<label>Couleur</label> <!-- Clicking one of the divs changes the color of the preview -->
<div class="color yellow"></div>
<div class="color blue"></div>
<div class="color green"></div>
<!-- The green submit button: -->
<a id="note-submit" href="" class="green-button">Enregistrer</a>