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notes_extract.php 545B

  1. <?php $nb = 0;
  2. $notes = simplexml_load_file('modules/notes/db/notes.xml');
  3. foreach($notes as $test){$nb++;}
  4. for($i=0; $i<$nb; $i++){ ?>
  5. <div class="note <?php echo $notes->note[$i]->color;?>" style="position:absolute; left:<?php echo $notes->note[$i]->left;?>; top:<?php echo $notes->note[$i]->top;?>;z-index:<?php echo $notes->note[$i]->zindex;?>;"><div class="delete" id="r-<?php echo $notes->note[$i]['id'];?>"></div><?php echo $notes->note[$i]->text;?><br/><span class="data"><?php echo $notes->note[$i]['id'];?></span></div>
  6. <?php }