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# Alfred
<small>The Synology ChatBot</small>
![Alfred replies!](docs/Alfred.png)
## Preparation
In your synology chat application (let's say at, let's create a bot!
* Log in as an administrator
* Click on your avatar and choose `Integration`
* Choose `Bots`
* Click on `Create`
* Select `Activate` but don't hide him, name him `Alfred` (advised but not mandatory ;))
* Outgoing URL should be the URL where the bot is, mine is on the same NAS, so something like this **
* Note the `Incoming URL` and `Token` for later
## Installation
```shell script
git clone
composer install
cp config.example.php config.php
vi config.php
In config.php, you must enter the `Incoming URL` and `Token` previously configured.
You can also change the way the bot will talk to you.
## Bot commands
### Hello world
Tell him `hello`, `hi`, `bonjour` or `salut` and he will respond cordially
### Lorem Ipsum
Tell him `lorem` or `lorem ipsum`
### Youtubedl
Tell him : télécharge *URL* en `audio`, `video` or `vidéo`, he'll do the job in the background and tell you if the command is launched (but not the result)
### Kanboard
You must configure it first and then :
* To list projects : Tell him something like "Liste moi mes projets"
* To add a task : Tell him "Ajoute la tache *tache dans "project's id""
* To list tasks in a project : Tell him "liste moi les taches de "project's id""