Copie de Tumblr sur Shaarli
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Install and use this script

  1. Copy the content of src into your shaarli instance (at its root with index.php)
  2. Copy to tumblr.ini
  3. Fill the tumblr.ini's variables
tumblr = # your tumblr URL (can be another domain if you paid for it)
api_key = xxx # your tumblr's API key (see below)
private = true # if links should be private or public
shaarli_dir = # leave blank if you followed this tutorial, else, the path to shaarli
  1. Check if you got write right on the folder containing import.php
  2. Launch : via browser or via command line

Tumblr API key

You need to register an app in tumblr :

  1. Log in your tumblr account
  2. Go to
  3. Click Register an application
  4. Fill all mandatory fields + website (even if it's not marked as mandatory, trust me, it is)
  5. You got it ! OAuth Consumer Key !
  6. Tips : you can find it again in


Tumblr's API can only retrieve 20 × 250 posts (I did the math, it's 5000)

This script does not resume import, so if you got more than 5k posts, it won't work.