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ReadLater WebExtension language

ReadLaterByEmail webextension generator

πŸ“š Table of Contents

πŸ“¦ Installation

First check if you have composer installed

Before installing this, you need to check if you have NPM installed on your computer.

Then install this script

git clone ssh://gogs@git.shikiryu.com:2200/ReadLaterByEmail/webextensions.git
cd webextensions
npm install
npm run build

πŸš€ Usage

Load the extension in Chrome & Opera

  1. Open Chrome/Opera browser and navigate to chrome://extensions
  2. Select "Developer Mode" and then click "Load unpacked extension..."
  3. From the file browser, choose to extension-boilerplate/build/chrome or (extension-boilerplate/build/opera)

Load the extension in Firefox

  1. Open Firefox browser and navigate to about:debugging
  2. Click "Load Temporary Add-on" and from the file browser, choose extension-boilerplate/build/firefox


The following tasks can be used when you want to start developing the extension and want to enable live reload -

  • npm run chrome-watch
  • npm run opera-watch
  • npm run firefox-watch


Run npm run dist to create a zipped, production-ready extension for each browser. You can then upload that to the appstore.

Run npm run sourcezip for firefox submission

Update https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/developers/addon/shikiryu-readlater/versions/submit/

✨ Features

Write once and deploy to Chrome, Opera & Firefox
Based on WebExtensions. It also includes a tiny polyfill to bring uniformity to the APIs exposed by different browsers.
Your changes to CSS, HTML & JS files will be relayed instantly without having to manually reload the extension. This ends up saving a lot of time and improving the developer experience.
Sensible starting point
This comes with a gulp based workflow that converts modern ES6 JavaScript and SCSS to JS/CSS. Scripts are transpiled using Babel and bundled using Browserify. Sourcemaps are available for both JS and SCSS.
Sketch (.sketch) assets for icons and promo images
A .sketch file is included in the resources directory. This has all the icons and promo images that will be needed while uploading the extensions to the app stores.
Easily configurable and extendable
The gulpfile is easily understandable and configurable. If you want to add additional tasks or remove un-used ones, you can easily tweak that file to suit your needs.
Platform specific & Environment specific variables.
You might need to specify different data variables based on your environment. For example, you might want to use a localhost API endpoint during development and a production API endpoint once the extension is submitted to the appstore. You can specify such data in the json files inside `config` directory.
You can also set custom data variables based on the platform (different variable for Chrome, FF, Opera).

πŸ› οΈ Support

Please open an issue for support.

πŸ“ Contributing

Please contribute using Github Flow. Create a branch, add commits, and open a pull request.

πŸ“œ License

Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial (CC-BY-NC) Β© Chouchen

Based on Email This which is licensed under the MIT license.