Un bot sur le chat Synology
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The Synology ChatBot

Alfred replies!


In your synology chat application (let's say at https://chat.example.com), let's create a bot!

  • Log in as an administrator
  • Click on your avatar and choose Integration
  • Choose Bots
  • Click on Create
  • Select Activate but don't hide him, name him Alfred (advised but not mandatory ;))
  • Outgoing URL should be the URL where the bot is, mine is on the same NAS, so something like this https://nas.example.com/alfred/index.php
  • Note the Incoming URL and Token for later


git clone 
composer install
cp config.example.php config.php
vi config.php

In config.php, you must enter the Incoming URL and Token previously configured.

You can also change the way the bot will talk to you.

Bot commands

Hello world

Tell him hello, hi, bonjour or salut and he will respond cordially

Lorem Ipsum

Tell him lorem or lorem ipsum


Tell him : télécharge URL en audio, video or vidéo, he'll do the job in the background and tell you if the command is launched (but not the result)


You must configure it first and then :

  • To list projects : Tell him something like "Liste moi mes projets"
  • To add a task : Tell him "Ajoute la tache *tache dans "project's id""
  • To list tasks in a project : Tell him "liste moi les taches de "project's id""