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  Clement Desmidt 8056e711e6 🔧 Pass the CI in https 1 month ago
  Clement Desmidt c3a44ae390 💚 Fix with PHPCS 1 month ago
  Clement Desmidt ee0e59d9b3 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Chouchen/Shikiryu_Backup 1 month ago
  Clement Desmidt 02ad4f286e Add first tests 1 month ago
  Clement Desmidt 0952cf2db3 Add backup FROM SFTP to local 1 month ago
  Shikiryu 470fcd938b
💄 Change CI style to comply with others 3 months ago
  Shikiryu 6565d4e654
👷 Add CI 3 months ago
  Clement Desmidt c18d517afb 📝 Add a proper README file with section and links 4 months ago
  Clement Desmidt 3fe73c9b0b Makes dropbox working again 4 months ago
  Clement Desmidt 09d7880145 🔥 Delete useless tests 4 months ago
  Clement Desmidt 43e7dd2808 🎨 Reformat some code 1 year ago
  Clement Desmidt db51375185 🎨 Apply PSR2 1 year ago
  Shikiryu ab7887ce84 Add some PHPCS corrections 3 years ago
  Shikiryu dd2a6bd7d7 Add a lot of docs 3 years ago
  Shikiryu ffdf0b8476 Avoid variables with short names and unused functions 3 years ago
  Shikiryu 180765af3c Traduction française 4 years ago
  Shikiryu 41391be79c Added options and Dropbox 4 years ago
  Shikiryu bf551dd6ff Added folder and NAS docs 4 years ago
  Shikiryu e51dbea61b Modifications to make MySQL work 4 years ago
  Shikiryu bafabfba05 Adding SFTP docs 4 years ago
  Shikiryu e92b1d76d4 Adding configurations docs 4 years ago
  Shikiryu 9c74a9601b SFTP transport added 4 years ago
  Shikiryu 085f9ae152 adding docs 4 years ago
  Shikiryu 8426972504 Added validators and new transport 4 years ago
  Shikiryu 091dd4cf22 Made Files & Email work 4 years ago
  Shikiryu 6eaf2f0176 Correction after some tests 4 years ago
  Shikiryu 05dd396eac Cleaning & adding READMEs 4 years ago
  Shikiryu c593f32378 Going namespaced, going scenario style 4 years ago
  Shikiryu dbcd02c2af Abstraction and factorization 4 years ago
  Shikiryu 88a5b39d23 Creation of the world 4 years ago