A simple "mots mélés" game
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Mots mélés

This game is about words to search in a grid. It first started as a personal side project, but now, I want to give it life.

How it works

Pretty simple. You gave it a grid of letter like this


And a list of words to find like this


And that should be it. (well, you need 2 other parameters I'm gonna get rid of.


### v0.0.2
* diagonal detection (for now, it's only vertical and horizontal words)
* get rid of those 2 useless parameters
* better protection against user

### v0.0.3
* make a user friendly "generator"
** interface where a user can enter a grid and a list of words easily giving an output like the JS one right now

### v0.0.4
* make an automatic generator
** give it a size, it'll fetch words via an API and make the grid with those.